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Stowe Police Department includes officers of diverse responsibilities, talents, and backgrounds.  As a team we work to make our community and our region safe for families and visitors.


Full- and part-time officers of Stowe Police Department, April, 2008

Chief Donald Hull
Serving since 2012

Sgt. Steven Stewart     
Serving since 1983

Sergeant Bruce Merriam     
Serving since 1984

Corporal David Knight     
Serving since 1997

Corporal Chris Rogers
Serving since 1997

Detective Frederick Whitcomb     
Serving since 1999

Patrolman Bruce Emerson
Serving since 1991

Patrolman Kyle Walker
Serving since 2008

Patrolman Neil Mogerley
Serving since 2013.  

Patrolman Scott Kirkpatrick
Serving since 2014

Patrolman Ryan Cashin
Serving since 2015
Patrolman Zachary Smith
Serving since 2016

Technology Officer Darron Tabor
Serving since 1989

Part-Time Officer Francis Gonyaw     
Serving since 1987

Part-Time Officer Jon Zygmuntowicz    
Serving since 1993

Part-Time Officer Matt Andrews     
Serving since 1997

Part-Time Officer Pierce Reid     
Serving since 2005

Part-Time Officer David Selby     
Serving since 2008

Part-Time Officer Andre Labier
Serving since 2013

Part-Time Officer Michael Dougherty 
Serving since 2002


Part-Time Officer Stephen Holbrook
Serving since 2013

Part-Time Officer Christian Mellen
Serving since 2013