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Animal Control

Officers of the Stowe Police Department will investigate and handle any dog related complaints.
If you have questions or need assistance please call the Stowe Police at 253-7126
Any other animal complaints, please refer to the listings below for assistance.  

Town of Stowe Municipal Ordinance Chapter 2 regarding Animal Control

Stowe Animal Ordinances in Brief

  • Dogs must be under CONTROL at all times. Dogs must be on a LEASH in the following designated areas: Stowe Recreation Path, any public parking lot, Memorial Park, and Cemetery Road.   Dogs are NOT allowed in public cemeteries.
  • All dogs over the age of 6 months must be currently licensed and be wearing the tag issued by the town clerk.  
  • Owners are responsible for immediate and proper removal of their dog’s feces from any property other than their own. 
  • Animal bites to any person or domestic animal or attempted bites should be reported immediately to the Animal Control Officer or Health Officer.
  • Dogs left out of doors must be under control, have adequate shelter for weather conditions, and have water available to them.
  • It is unlawful to leave an animal unattended in a standing or parked car in a manner that would endanger the health or safety of the animal.  Even on a moderately warm day, in just minutes a car becomes an oven even with the windows cracked open.  Pets can suffer from serious conditions such as heat stroke, brain damage, or even death when left in a hot car.  If you see a dog suffering in a hot car call Animal Control or the police immediately!
  • If you see any strange acting raccoons, skunks, ravens, or other wildlife, contact Fish and Wildlife.

Additional Resources

For dog licenses residents can contact the Stowe Town Clerk at  (802) 253-6133.   More information can be found at the Town Clerk's Website

Vermont Department of Health Rabies Hotline  1 (800) 4 RABIES  or  (800) 422-2437 

Vermont Department of Health Dead Birds 1-800-913-1139

For concerns or questions involving wildlife, poaching complaints, or related issues, contact the area Fish and Wildlife Game Warden, Jason Batchelder, 802-878-7111 or 802-279-4875

Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife 

For help with beavers, skunks, woodchucks, squirrels, turtles, mice, bats, moles, and other nuisance animals, call B&B WILDLIFE CONTROL OPERATORS, Brent Teillon 802-888-4086, cell 793-4950 or Bill Pickens 802-888-3736 which is a 24 hour service and fully licensed.


Area Animal Shelters

North Country Animal League, 3524 Laporte Rd., Morrisville, VT  05661   (802) 888-5065 

Central Vermont Humane Society, Mail: PO Box 687, Montpelier, VT 05601  Visit:  1589 VT Rte. 14S, E. Montpelier, VT 05651 (802) 476-3811 x103