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About Stowe Police Department 

  • The Stowe Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency. The 11 full-time certified officers and 10 part-time officers serve a population of nearly 4,500 full-time residents and provide services to a weekend population that can rise to over 10,000.
  • Stowe is Vermont's second-largest town in area so the Stowe Police Department provides services in an area covering more than 79 square miles. Stowe's varied terrain ranges from village streets to the recreation path, from mountain trails to waterways and lakes, often requiring officers to operate in a wide variety of environments. In addition Stowe police officers are often called to back up and support officers from other agencies in an area covering more than 500 square miles.
  • Stowe's individual officers are expected to have a wide variety of specialty training and expertise including medical first response and CPR. The department's requirement for continuous education and training contributes to a high degree of professionalism.
  • On a daily basis Stowe's citizens and guests will find Stowe officers performing patrols, handling traffic details, conducting investigations, covering special events, assisting with animal control, and providing community outreach services. Specialty training in areas ranging from narcotics investigation to crime scene investigation to tactical response allows Stowe police officers to respond to the widest possible variety of issues and challenges.
  • The officers of the Stowe Police Department are committed to PROTECT AND SERVE their community, neighbors, and guests.

Stowe Police officers provide a wide variety of services for the town.

Stowe Police History 
Over the years, our gear, cruisers, and techniques have all changed.  But one thing remains the same... The officers and staff of the Stowe Police Department are committed to protect and serve Stowe's residents, businesses, children, and guests.

Stowe Police Department Milestones

1902   Stowe builds first jail inside the Akeley Memorial Building

c. 1956   Stowe installs first radios in police cars 

1975   Stowe contracts with Lamoille County Sheriff's Department for dispatch services

1990   Stowe is among the first police departments in the country to adopt Glock handguns for its officers

1992   Stowe is the first department in Vermont to adopt four-wheel drive cruisers for all-weather response in varied terrain

1995   Stowe is the first department in Vermont to adopt "Utility" type uniforms for better durability, flexibility, and comfort

2000   Animal Control Ordinance is adopted and ACO is hired to ensure the safety of Stowe's residents, pets, and wildlife

2010  Stowe Police, Fire, and Rescue move into the Public Safety Facility builidng in May.

Equipment has changed over the years, but a commitment to getting the job done has been a constant.

In 1973 the Dodge Polara was Stowe's cruiser of choice
A Stowe cruiser responds to a home during the early 1970's
Stowe was the first department in VT to adopt SUV's ensuring rapid response no matter the weather
To patrol the new Rec Path, Stowe officers were among the first in the state to start bike patrols


Stowe police uniform during the late 1960's

Stowe's first patch

Stowe badge, name tag, and tie bar belonging to former officer Howard "Tippy" Bailey
Stowe Police uniform of the 1980's











Public Safety Complex

In May, 2010, the new building was completed and dedicated.  The project was finished ahead of schedule and it came in under budget.  The new Public Safety Complex today house Stowe Police, The Stowe Volunteer Fire Department and Stowe Rescue/Mountain Rescue. 


The demolition of the old police building was completed during the first week of May. One minute it was standing - the next minute it was GONE!


The completed Public Safety Building